Dangerous Delights - Cirque


If you're looking for high impact roving entertainment or a stunning entry statement to your event, our stilt walking goddesses are simply perfect. Our performers are fun and engaging, the costumes are visually stunning and your guests are sure to be impressed.

"Surya" (below) is available to book now, with more stunning costumes coming soon.


Goddess of fire, warmth, light, sunshine and summer.

Surya Stilt Walker   Surya Stilt Walker   Surya Stilt Walker   Surya Stilt Walker

Surya Stilt Walker   Surya Stilt Walker   Surya Stilt Walker   Surya Stilt Walker  

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Surya is the perfect stilt walking character to warm up your event.

At almost 3m tall, she stands well above the crowd catching everyone's eye with her spectacular mirrored head dress. She wears a floor length, shimmering gown and carries a staff with a continuous burning flame. The staff also shoots 1m high jets of flame into the air, surprising and delighting guests wherever she goes.

Surya is ideal for any event where you would like to bring a sense of warmth and excitement. Perfect for winter festivals, chilli festivals, spicy food fairs and street festivals. She's also a fantastic entry statement to guide your guests to their venue and provide an exciting visual welcome. Guests love to pose for photos with this unique and fiery goddess.

Surya can be booked for day or night events, as the reflective and shimmering costume looks amazing in the day and is beautifully illuminated at night by the flame of her fire staff.

Performers: 1

Length: 30min to 3 hrs

Location: Outdoor or indoor, however indoor venues must have high ceilings e.g. Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Crown Ballrooms etc

Best suited to: Large events like festivals, conferences, balls and outside venues, bars and nightclubs.

A favourite at: Street festivals, chilli food/drink promotions, corporate events/balls