A Fire Welcome is designed to have a high visual impact as your guests arrive at the venue for your function.

As guests step out of their car or make their way towards the entrance to your event, they're welcomed by the sight of a fire dancer - fire eating, body tracing, fire twirling or blasting a flame projector. This gives your event an immediate sense of excitement and energy.

A Fire Welcome is suitable for an event of any size, and ideal where all your guests are expected to arrive within an allocated period of time. It's best suited to entrance ways, reception halls and front gardens.

A Fire Welcome can be performed in most outdoor spaces, with equipment being selected based on the nature of the event and the space available.

Performers: 1 to 4

Length: 15 minutes to 2 hours

Props: Mainly fire twirling props such as poi and staff. However, props are selected based on the nature of the event and space available.

Location: Outdoor or large indoor space

Best suited to: An event of any size where guests are expected to arrive within a set period of time.

A favourite at: Birthday parties, corporate functions, bar/nightclub events, wedding receptions, formal occasions



A Fire Welcome can be combined with our other performance options, if you're looking to have several fire elements at your function, or if you would like to space out the fire entertainment over the course of an evening.


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"What I saw was amazing (as usual) and we received nothing but positive feedback- the crowd loved it!

Thank you again, you guys always help make the walk that little more special."

Jess Macri
Light the Night Walk
Leukaemia Foundation