The Dangerous Delights troupe consists of six main performers, as well as a handful of specialty performers that we call upon as they are needed. This enables our shows to have variety, versatility and scalability. As a result, we can create performances for any size or style of event.

Hana Priest

Hana started performing with fire in 2004, after being inspired by the fire artists at Burning Man festival (Nevada, America). Since then, she has performed extensively throughout Western Australia, interstate and overseas. She originally started her performance career as part of the duo "Fyredanz" and later went solo as "Fire Girl". Hana started Dangerous Delights in 2012 and is the principle fire artist, troupe manager and booking agent.

On stage, Hana is versatile and engaging. Her props and enthusiasm can create a show in a shoe box or an arena, and her gas flame projectors are always a crowd pleaser.

Jethro Hardinge

Jet is a man of many talents and has been fire performing since 2005. He started his career in Dunedin, New Zealand and joined Dangerous Delights in 2012, not long after moving to Perth. Since then, he has performed all over Perth, as well as doing regional shows throughout Western Australia. Jet has also taught circus skills at several festivals and at the WA Circus School.

Jet brings a high degree of fire manipulation skill to his performances, as well as a wonderful energy that's a joy to watch on stage.

Catherine Connor

Cat is originally from Dallas, Texas, and discovered the fun of fire performing in 2005, while living and studying in Perth. Bitten by the fire bug, she moved to Perth, quickly developed her skills and has been performing ever since. She joined Dangerous Delights in 2012.

Cat's performances are creative and mesmerising, her fire hooping skills are especially impressive, as is her technical work with fire eating and vapour transfers.

Jed Fowler

Jed has been manipulating circus props longer then any one that knows him can remember. He started performing in 2001 with "Thermal Echo", later ran his own fire troupe, "Fire 'n' Motion", and joined Dangerous Delights in 2012. Over the years, Jed has performed all over the world and taught fire manipulation skills at numerous festivals worldwide. He is also regarded as one of the best dragon staff spinners in Australia.

Jed brings to the stage amazing technical skills, honed to perfection, over many years of performing. His performances are an opportunity to see a master at work.

Sarah Healy

Sarah Healy Photography by Lou Myers

Sarah discovered the art of fire dancing during her travels in North America in 2014. She fell in love with the art, and began performing all across Canada at festivals, events and on the street, as a busker. She toured by bus with her troupe “The Moon Ballad Circus”, creating theatrical fire shows, and blending contortion and acrobatics with fire manipulation. As a circus performer from age 14 with Skadada Youth Circus, Sarah’s love of performing still burns strong.

Sarah's smile lights up a room and her performances are filled with georgous joy and warmth of character. Her ability to combine fire manipulation with contortionist skill is unique and always memorable.

Shanan Norman

Sarah Healy Photography by Lou Myers

Shanan began learning fire and circus skills in 2012 while at university and has since gone on to train with some of the best fire artists in Australia. He has a special interest in dragon staff and the technical aspects of poi manipulation.

Shanan joined Dangerous Delights in 2017 and is a technically skilled and fluid performer, that makes what we do look far easier than it is.



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