Dangerous Delights fire entertainment is perfect for giving your birthday party an exciting and memorable edge.

We can perform at anything from small backyard birthdays, to large elaborate parties at bars and function centres. If your party has a theme, our costumes are selected to match, as is the music for our Fire Shows.

A number of performance options are available for birthday parties, with combined performances being very popular for an evening of entertainment and the best value for money. Please contact us to get a quote for your party.

Below are the most popular options for birthday party fire entertainment. If you have an idea that is not listed below, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Fire Welcome

A Fire Welcome is an impressive entry statement for your party. As your guests arrive at your house or the function venue, they are welcomed by the sight of a fire dancer/s - fire eating, body tracing, fire twirling or blasting a flame projector. This gives your party an immediate sense of excitement and energy. Guests can also pose for photos with us on their way in.

Performers: 1 to 4

Length: 15 minutes to 1 hour

Props: Props with the highest impact e.g. flame projector, fire staff.
Props are selected based on the space available.

Location: Outdoor - driveway, front lawn or at the entry to your venue.

Best suited to: Parties where your guests are expected to arrive within a set period of time.

Roving Fire Entertainment

Roving Fire Entertainment is fun, interactive and makes for great party photos. As your guests are standing and mingling, we move amongst them, entertaining them in small groups with close-up fire manipulation skills. Guests can chat with the performers, try having a fire eating stick run over their hand and pose for photos.

Performers: 1 to 4

Length: 15 minutes to 1 hour

Props: We use our smaller fire props that enable us to move through guests easily and facilitate guest interaction.

Location: Outdoor or large indoor space that's well ventilated.

Best suited to: Any part of your party where guests are standing and mingling.

Ambient Fire Entertainment

Ambient Fire Entertainment is great at parties where you would like the atmosphere of fire, with performers your guests can watch, at their leisure, as they mingle. The fire adds a warm and exciting energy to the party, without performers moving amongst or interacting with guests. This works well at parties where you're expecting a large number of guests and the space available to move through them is limited. Or, for parties where non-interactive entertainment is preferred.

Performers: 1 to 4

Length: 15 minutes to 2 hours

Props: We use mainly fire twirling props such as poi and staff.
Props are selected based on the space available.

Location: Outdoor or large indoor space that's well ventilated.

Best suited to: A party where you would like the atmosphere of fire without guest interaction or the formality of a Fire Show.

Fire Show

A Fire Show is a floor show, choreographed to music, that is a fantastic highlight for your party. It's ideal if you would like a special show for your guests to gather and watch during the course of the evening.

For most birthday parties, one or two performers are enough to create a great show (10 to 15 minutes long). If however, you have a lot of space or are having a big party, then you might prefer 3 or 4 performers for added impact.

If you're having a themed party, then our costumes and music for the show will match that theme.

Performers: 1 to 4

Length: 10min solo, 15min duo & trio, 20 minutes quattro

Props: Our fire props vary, depending on the number of performers, the length of the show and the space available.

Location: Outdoor.
A minimum space of 4m wide x 3m deep is required for a solo show.
A minimum space of 6m wide x 3m deep is required for a duo show.
There also needs to be 2m of overhead clearance above the performance space (no strings of party lights or decorations).
Shows are choreographed to work with the space available. The more space we have, the bigger the show can be.

Best suited to: The part of your evening where you would like your guests to gather and surprise them with a show.

Combined Fire Entertainment

The above options can be combined, if you would like to space out the fire entertainment over the course of the party. The combined options are also good value for money.

Fire entertainment combinations which work really well together are:

Fire Show and Roving Fire Entertainment

A Fire Show at the point in the evening when all your guests have arrived and you would like them to gather and surprise them with a show. After the show, while you have all your guests gathered, is a good time to do the cake and speeches. Once these are done, the Roving Fire entertainment can begin. The guests can interact with the performers, ask questions about the show and try a little fire play for themselves.

Fire Welcome and Fire Show

A Fire Welcome outside your party as guests arrive and a Fire Show show later in the evening.

Fire Welcome, Fire Show and Fire Roving

An evening of fire entertainment! A Fire Welcome outside the party as guests arrive, a Fire Show once everyone is at the party, followed by cake and speeches. Then Roving Fire entertainment for some interactive fun, before everyone hits the dance floor to dance the night away.



If you would like more information, to discuss your ideas, get a quote or make a booking, please



"Thank you so very much for making my sons 40th a memorable evening. Your show was sensational. Paul had a wonderful time, as did the guests. Once again many thanks for making the evening a success."

Val Icanovska
40th Birthday Party
Applecross Tennis Club

"Cat was amazing! Loved her show. Got some really awesome pics."

Michelle English
40th Birthday Party
Private Residence