Dangerous Delights fire entertainment is a great way to have fun on your hens night, surprise your guests at your engagement party or add some exciting entertainment to your wedding reception.

Hens Nights

Fire Eating

Why let the boys have all the fun?! Do something different on your hens night and learn the skills of fire eating and body tracing!

Fire eating is the skill of putting fire out in your mouth and body tracing is the ability to run fire over your skin (without getting burnt). We have been teaching these skills for many years and have a perfect safety record. (It's a lot easier and safer than you might think!)

One of our professional fire performers (male or female, your choice) will come to your party with all the equipment needed to teach you the skills. We can work with a group of up to 20 and age is no barrier.

Performers: 1

Length: 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the size of your group

Props: Fire eating sticks.

Location: An outdoor location sheltered from the wind.

Best suited to: Hens nights held at home. (As it is difficult to find a bar or venue that will let you hold a fire eating workshop.) Or the early portion of your evening, while you are still at home, before heading out.

Male Fire Show

If you'd like some sexy male entertainment but a stripper is not what you're after, then a male fire show might just be what you need.

Bronson is our ladies entertainment specialist. He'll put on one hot fire show for your viewing pleasure, that's sure to leave all the girls feeling hot and flustered.

Performers: 1

Length: 15 to 20 minutes

Props: A variety of fire props, selected based on the space available.

Location: Outdoor or large indoor space that's well ventilated.

Best suited to: Hens nights where you want male entertainment.

Engagement Parties

Fire entertainment can really bring some fun and excitement to your engagement party and be a great reflection of your burning love and passion for each other.

You have many options for fire entertainment - you can surprise your guests with a Fire Show, or have roving fire eaters interacting with guests as they mingle during drinks. If you'd like to simply have fire for ambience or a sense of warmth (during winter), then ambient fire entertainment would be perfect for the occasion.

Our performers wear tasteful costumes for your special occasion and these can be themed to match the theme of your party.

Please have a look at: Fire Shows, Roving Entertainment and Fire Welcome to explore your options further.

Wedding Reception

Over the years we have performed at a large variety of wedding receptions and understand the importance of your day and the role entertainment plays in making it fun and memorable.

Whether your wedding is traditional, alternative, ethnic or something else, incorporating fire entertainment is sure to leave an impression on your guests and have them talking about your wedding for years to come.

Pre-dinner Drinks

Interactive or Ambient Roving Fire entertainment is a great way to entertain your guests in the relaxed, early part of the reception, when they are up and mingling.

Please have a look at: Roving Entertainment to read more about interactive and ambient fire roving.

Dinner Entertainment

A Fire Show can be a great way to surprise your guests during the reception dinner. We arrive without being noticed, do all our show preparation out of sight and then take the stage with fiery delight, to surprise your guests and give your wedding that 'wow' factor.

Please have a look at: Fire Shows to read more about your options.



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"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the wonderful contributions that you made to our day; you were all fabulous and we couldn't have asked for more."

Sherry Westphal
Wedding Reception
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