Short Sets are high energy, short periods of fire entertainment, with breaks between each set.

Short Sets are ideal for events where small pockets of fire entertainment are required throughout an evening, over several hours e.g. nightclub events.

Each set incorporates different equipment to ensure it is fresh and dynamic every time. The sets are performed to the music being played at the venue, to enhance the nights existing entertainment.

Performers: 1 to 4

Length: 3-5min per set, with multiple sets over a set period of time (e.g. 1 set every 20min, over 2 hours (7 sets in total))

Props: One prop per set, with a different prop selected each set.
Props are selected based on the space available.

Location: Indoor or outdoor

Best suited to: An event of any size, where short pockets of visual entertainment are required.

A favourite at: Bar/nightclub events, dance parties



Short Sets can be combined with our other fire entertainment options, if you're looking to have several fire elements at your function, or if you would like to space out the fire entertainment over the course of an evening.


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